Vitamin D, a good ally!

vitamin D
March 31, 2012

It’s no secret the importance of vitamins and nutrients in our diet, and without them our health is compromised. But it is clear that each group offers different contributions, discover all they have for you vitamin D. The summer day brings more relaxed, warm and lots of outdoor options, but also opens a window to improve our health and it is precisely thanks to sun that our skin is able…


Healthy body a healthy mind

troubled relationship
March 27, 2012

The appearance of conflict or instability in psychological or mental disorders can lead to manifest through physical symptoms or signs of physical illness. Thus, in this way, a conflict of partner, loss of a loved one, an inferiority complex or any other condition that alters a sensitive and more or less prolonged our balance and psychological well-being can lead to the emergence of headaches, abdominal pain or other symptoms physically…


Do you know what are the warning signs in pregnancy?

warning signs in pregnancy
March 25, 2012

The pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman. The physical and emotional experience are amazed every day, but suppose the wonderful experience of bringing a little something in our belly. We enjoy it fully but at the same time we must know the signs that alert us of any possible danger, you know what? First must tell you is that in this situation…


Meet the group of blood can save your life

blood groups
March 22, 2012

Most people really do not know the group they may belong. Experts say that knowing your blood type is a very important thing, and you really can save your life. Recent studies found that people who belong to these blood groups: types A, B and AB have a greater chance of developing a dangerous condition known in the medical world as deep vein thrombosis, which is caused by a mutant…


Simple tips to quit smoking

quit smoking
March 18, 2012

More and more people are becoming aware that smoking is very harmful and day by day more people trying to quit this habit, as we all know, smokers to nonsmokers, this process is not easy. Unfortunately there is bad news for those who have decided to quit, have to do it all at once, from one day to another and start controlling their urge to smoke.


Prevention and treatment of influenza with homeopathy

prevention influenza
March 16, 2012

Homeopathy is useful in the prevention and treatment of influenza processes. The prevention of influenza requires action to increase our body’s defenses, among which lifestyle modifications are consistent in maintaining a good diet that is healthy and balanced properly shelter in cold areas, perform a level of physical exercise adjusted to our physical needs and maintain a State of balanced mind. If we take it with homeopathic medication is indicated…


Omega-3 and omega-6 in our diet

omega 3 and omega 6
March 13, 2012

These nutrients are fatty acids “essential”. Fatty acids are an important component in our diet and the designation “essential” means that the body can not synthesize them independently and must be obtained from the diet, as with other nutrients such as essential amino acids. There are three types of omega-3 most common: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), found in fish and plankton, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), found in fish, plankton and algae and…


Early detection of cancer

detection of cancer
March 11, 2012

It ideal in a cancer, detect it early to facilitate your healing and aggravates the risk that follows when it is discovered in later stages. Early detection will favor, in many cases, eradication without it spreading to neighboring areas or remote areas through metastasis. Among the tests of detection of the cancer the Pap test for early detection of cervical cancer. Another test is mammography for early detection of breast…


Cure a cold by homeopathy

cure cold
March 7, 2012

You begin to notice changes in temperature, which although not very pronounced, and can lead to cooling processes in certain towns. If you do not want to take chemical drugs, so-called “official”, you are advised to read carefully the following article. If we decide to use a homeopathic treatment, you should not forget that much depends on the stage is the condition. If we are in the incubation phase, treatment…


Keys to teeth whitening!

teeth whitening
March 5, 2012

New technologies allow, on an aesthetic level, almost nothing is impossible, and certainly one of the best advances of recent times is teeth whitening. But before tackling this process there are some things to consider. In the dental field options are varied, but when we entered the aspect relating to whiten teeth, a technique of fashion in recent times, and several considerations must be evaluated for use the best treatment…