Do you know what are the warning signs in pregnancy?

The pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman. The physical and emotional experience are amazed every day, but suppose the wonderful experience of bringing a little something in our belly. We enjoy it fully but at the same time we must know the signs that alert us of any possible danger, you know what?

warning signs in pregnancy

First must tell you is that in this situation we should not worry excessively alarmed or anything, but if we must be attentive to the signals our body to prevent anything. The alarm signals are:

The most serious is vaginal bleeding. Small amounts of bleeding may indicate a risk of abortion is not normal and should go to something immediately to our doctor or nearest health center. The fluid loss vaginal odor is also a sign that something is happening in our body, if the liquid is clear it means we have broken the bag and we should see a doctor right away.

Contractions before their time to complete the pregnancy, especially in the first two quarters is an alarm signal. High fevers, extreme pallor and even intolerable nausea are warning signs we should look for the professional who is in charge of our pregnancy.

Blurred vision, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, chills and muscle seizures represent concerns. Although these symptoms do not necessarily indicate that something serious is going on with you or your baby, it’s important not to overlook them and consult a doctor to rule out any problem.

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