Healthy body a healthy mind

The appearance of conflict or instability in psychological or mental disorders can lead to manifest through physical symptoms or signs of physical illness.

troubled relationship

Thus, in this way, a conflict of partner, loss of a loved one, an inferiority complex or any other condition that alters a sensitive and more or less prolonged our balance and psychological well-being can lead to the emergence of headaches, abdominal pain or other symptoms physically troublesome.

Staying in a job that we do not like or that we are not done can cause restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, headache, backache, etc.

Maintain a troubled relationship, with ongoing discussions, misunderstandings or difficulties in communication can lead to the occurrence of heartburn or stomach pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, palpitations…

Do not have the personal, social or professional can generate dissatisfaction may manifest as fears or phobias or other symptoms or signs of disease that can be very annoying.

It is therefore very important, when any circumstance that alters our mental health, correct, for, in this way, find peace with it ourselves, improve relations with our allies and prevent the onset or cure the symptoms and signs of disease, usually psychosomatic, which may be accompanied and noting the existence of psychological conflict that is making us suffer.

In these cases it is important, first, the realization of the psychological disorder.

This treatment will be addressed with the help of a psychotherapist, which will help us discover the roots of the problem and design an appropriate therapeutic strategy to solve it.

Treating the accompanying symptoms such as headache, upset stomach, dizziness, etc, will bring the ultimate solution to our problem, because in these cases, the cause is psychological and in this plane in which the solution must be sought background.

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