Vitamin D, a good ally!

It’s no secret the importance of vitamins and nutrients in our diet, and without them our health is compromised. But it is clear that each group offers different contributions, discover all they have for you vitamin D.

vitamin D

The summer day brings more relaxed, warm and lots of outdoor options, but also opens a window to improve our health and it is precisely thanks to sun that our skin is able to produce vitamin D, essential to keep our bones strong and improve the appearance of teeth.

But this is not its only function, it is also closely linked with calcium absorption as it increases making them inseparable companions. Our body is also benefit to including it in the diet to increase the absorption of phosphorus.

When our presence is weak bones become weak decreasing the presence of minerals and making them so fragile could lead to rickets, hence the importance of not dismiss it in our daily meals.

Sol addition, some food offer a good source of vitamin D as those rich in Omega 3: Salmon, sardines or cod liver oil.

Other important sources are eggs, perfect guests in a light salad, dairy products, including yogurt and cheese, and nuts in special seeds or sunflower seeds. Options abound so feel free to add to this good friend to your diet. You’ll be healthier every day!


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