Prevention and treatment of influenza with homeopathy

Homeopathy is useful in the prevention and treatment of influenza processes.

prevention influenza

The prevention of influenza requires action to increase our body’s defenses, among which lifestyle modifications are consistent in maintaining a good diet that is healthy and balanced properly shelter in cold areas, perform a level of physical exercise adjusted to our physical needs and maintain a State of balanced mind.

If we take it with homeopathic medication is indicated for the prevention of influenza in a significant percentage will reduce the chances of contracting the disease.

Homeopathy is also useful in the treatment of the symptoms of the flu, depending on the drugs to use in the clinical and personal characteristics of each patient and the phase of influenza in which we find ourselves.

Thus, the homeopathic medicine or drugs to use may be different in the initial phase of the flu, state or phase in the resolution phase of it.

The information provided herein is for information only, clinical decisions and health, and specifically the requirement of medical treatments must be performed by the patient’s physician.

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