Cure a cold by homeopathy

You begin to notice changes in temperature, which although not very pronounced, and can lead to cooling processes in certain towns. If you do not want to take chemical drugs, so-called “official”, you are advised to read carefully the following article.

cure cold

If we decide to use a homeopathic treatment, you should not forget that much depends on the stage is the condition. If we are in the incubation phase, treatment is another if we are in final stage. In any case, as always, each treatment has to be unique for each patient.

Basically the patient must submit to certain rules of rest, be under a dry heat and especially a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and liquids.

Do not stop treatment but should be left as far as possible that the body heals with the help of treatment that we administer and with their own defenses.

The infusions are essential in healing. One stands out: the plantain but you can also use the marshmallow, mallow and pine buds. Mint is not recommended because it stimulates nerve endings in the cold.

If we like the fumes, we recommend rosemary, lavender, salvial, thyme or eucalyptus. Their antiviral effect is appreciable.

And finally, do not forget citrus (lemon, orange or grapefruit) are an inexhaustible source of vitamin C.

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