Keys to teeth whitening!

New technologies allow, on an aesthetic level, almost nothing is impossible, and certainly one of the best advances of recent times is teeth whitening. But before tackling this process there are some things to consider.

teeth whitening

In the dental field options are varied, but when we entered the aspect relating to whiten teeth, a technique of fashion in recent times, and several considerations must be evaluated for use the best treatment and satisfy our expectations.

The color of our teeth has to do with the genetic predisposition. Treatment results depend on the state of original teeth and a balance between patient expectations and the reality that you can get.

There various types of teeth whitening: Internal, carried out in obscured teeth who have suffered through treatments in order to improve their appearance inside; the external can be done in the office or home and involves placing a bleaching agent in a cast in the shape of the teeth of the patient. The liquid will be doing effect gradually getting good results that can be maintained for a long time.

The impatient can opt for a treatment in clinic that offers results from one hour to another, and who have time but not much will be available mixed technique.

Choosing the appropriate treatment will depend on the evaluation of the specialist, also before starting the procedure must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent oral spots and residues. The earlier restorations will not change its tone, so it may be necessary to replace them after whitening.

We encourage you to consult your dentist for achieve a smile whiter and attractive!

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