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What is BDD?

What are we talking about when we say BDD? It is a disease that causes those affected in dealing with a disproportionately themselves. Normally often related to...

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male incontinence

Urinary incontinence in men

Incontinence is not confined to men of a certain age. This is a male problem that occurs in young people too. According to a recent study, men think it is a severe...

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Cholesterol, the bad guy

Cholesterol is a lipid, a type of fat that is found in the bloodstream and the cells of the body, is an important component of a healthy organism; cholesterol is...

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obesity and overweight

Obesity, overweight and heart problems

Obesity is one of the public health problems currently affecting a large number of people worldwide, is an excess of body fat that usually, not always, is accompanied...

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Can a person with hypertension to do fitness?

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, we are healthy or have a disease, but in this case the indication of the doctor or specialist is vital to determine what type...

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Advances in the detection of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a common rheumatic syndrome that affects approximately 3% of the population, mostly women. It indicates widespread pain in fibrous tissues, muscles,...

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The test of silhouettes, a tool against eating disorders

The test of silhouettes, a tool against eating disorders

The test of silhouettes can determine the degree of distortion that a teenager has its own body. The material, a gallery of images is accompanied by a clinical examination...

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computer users

Important exercises for computer users

The use of computers for long periods can cause real problems in the body, muscles, the spine and joints of the hands. Due to these multiple reason, experts suggest...

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cold effect

What to do to reduce the effect of a cold?

Usually when you get hit by a cold, it lasts seven days; following are some tips to reduce this time: Take more vitamin D for three days The decrease of vitamin...

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suffer from constipation

Do you suffer from constipation while fasting?

Constipation is a disorder that can be felt during the month of Ramadan, and especially the first days, this effect manifests this course by the difficulty of his...

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