Do you suffer from constipation while fasting?

Constipation is a disorder that can be felt during the month of Ramadan, and especially the first days, this effect manifests this course by the difficulty of his need thus made to exceed 48 hours and also feel that they not be completely empty.

suffer from constipation

It is known that the movement of saddle is involuntary by hand to determine when to its needs we learn it from our young age and each these specific characteristics that depend on several factors (work, mood, health…)

These are some of factors complain about this phenomenon, which helps to raise the gas pain and abdominal pain, headache, with desire to vomit sometimes.

There is no doubt that the change of dates for meals and to change the system of food during Ramadan and change work schedules and change the nature of the life of the transfiguration in the system of wakefulness and sleep system causes a change in the way that the system of the body and when it disposed of waste at specific times.

As well as the importance of the food containing the meal of the dawn of the rich foods in fibers, including fruits and vegetables that help to move the intestines and trafficking of revitalization and rescheduled for the digestive system.

It is useful to replace the special delicacies Ramadan by the types of fruit and drink water and what is fluid between breakfast and lunch of dawn, and ensuring the execution of normal motor activities.

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