The most common cosmetic surgeries for men

There are a lot of times that cosmetic surgery is no longer a territory only woman; men also are tinkering with the help of cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery operations in what action men most often are:

cosmetic surgeries for men

Implant hair: Hair loss is a very common problem in men, this is why the hair implant surgery is 80% aesthetic practiced by men.

Liposuction of the abdomen: Many men use this operation to eliminate some kilo and have a more sporty and younger aspect.

Gynecomastia: This intervention to reduce the volume of the breasts is used to be a surgery that many overweight men are seeking.

Rhinoplasty: Surgery of the nose is another aesthetic touch much in demand by some men, usually by those who have a defect in the shape of their nose.

Ear and eyelids surgery: Men with the upper eyelid on the eyelash falling are those who are used to request this operation frequently. Also those who want to avoid pockets in the lower eyelid. This operation is used to combine with non-surgical practices such as botox.

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