What to do to reduce the effect of a cold?

Usually when you get hit by a cold, it lasts seven days; following are some tips to reduce this time:

cold effect

Take more vitamin D for three days
The decrease of vitamin D in the body is known among people who live in cold regions and as soon as the temperature begins to fall. What makes the body vulnerable against viruses.

More Vitamin G
Vitamin G increases the body’s immunity and therefore more strength to fight the virus by stimulating white blood cells. One study found that this vitamin increases the power of white blood cells in its attack against the causes of the disease.

Stimulate the blood cycle
Stimulate the immune system with a simple manner, put on socks wrong with cold water and put socks dry above then sleep at night, to do it three times in a row.

Increase the level of Probiotic
Probiotics are live microorganisms in dairy foods. Probiotics help in digestion and increases the body’s immunity. The probiotic reduced the chances of an inflammation of the respiratory system according to recent research. Because antibiotics are taking steps to reduce the strength of the immune apparatus, the Probiotic meant to stimulate.

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