Important exercises for computer users

The use of computers for long periods can cause real problems in the body, muscles, the spine and joints of the hands. Due to these multiple reason, experts suggest to do the following exercises:

computer users

Exercise for the shoulders
Keep the normal level of the shoulder, then turned with the left ear to left shoulder, then with the right ear to right shoulder, after carried out this exercise with the inclined head towards the back then the in front of.

Back exercise
Hold your hands behind your head and your elbows up, then extend your upper spine as much as you can.

Exercise for your neck
Place your fingers on the chin, then gently press the back and up, then move your fingers and stretch the neck forward.

Exercise of the arms and wrists
Hold your hands behind your back, and then back to the top.

Hope these simple exercises will help you for your daily, a healthy mind in a sound body.

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