Can a person with hypertension to do fitness?

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, we are healthy or have a disease, but in this case the indication of the doctor or specialist is vital to determine what type of exercise is most appropriate.


Aerobic exercise is best for patients with hypertension because it manages to increase the body’s oxygen demand, increases cardiac output, per minute ventilation and muscle movement.

Thanks to regular physical activity can be better controlled tension, either you have untreated overweight, hyperdynamic circulation and increased cardiac output at rest or increased sympathetic nervous system activity.

If you suffer from severe hypertension, fitness serves as an adjunct to drug treatment. In this regard, the doctor has to prescribe drugs that are compatible with a training program, or they must follow a type of training that is compatible with medical treatment.

Before starting a training program, it is recommended to ask the doctor an evaluate incluiya stress testing, holter of pressure and echocardiography.

With the results of these tests but the doctor’s suggestions, the trainer can design a personalized training plan and refining the detail of your physical condition.

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