The benefits of lentils

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Of the entire group of legumes, lentils are certainly lighter, and is well-prepared can be a great companion and even a good principal.

benefits of lentils

This vegetable is a great meat substitute for those who lead a vegetarian diet, offering a good source of protein to our body, whiles its versatility (in stew, cold in salads and even as a main ingredient for burgers without meat), makes it the favorite of the vegetable lovers.

It contains low fat, provide a good supply of minerals and thanks to its fiber helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar while improving intestinal transit and we were completely satisfied.

Some research suggests that the properties of lentils may help prevent certain types of cancer such as bowel or colon, but people who suffer from irritable bowel precisely to regulate their consumption as it could cause discomfort.

Remember that you can really take advantage of all the benefits of lentils you must consume it as light as possible, avoid eating whenever possible accompanied by chorizo, pork or any other meat high in fat. There are many delicious ways to prepare this legume without win all those calories, stay healthy and beautiful.

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