Arthritis or joint pain

The arthritis is when one or more joints become inflamed. A joint is the point at which two bones meet.

What is joint pain?
The joint pain is caused most often by some types of injuries or conditions without apparent cause, which can be quite annoying for the sufferer.


The rheumatoid arthritis is a autoimmune disorder makes joints stiff and cause pain to the sufferer. The osteoarthritis comes to giving, when it degenerate the joint cartilage or growth bone spurs. This is very common in people over 45 years and can cause joint pain.

The joint pain can also come from inflammation of the bags.

What are the bags?
They are bags that are filled with fluid. This liquid cushion pad and also serves to bony prominences, allowing the muscles and tendons to move freely over the bone.

The arthritis has to do directly with the cartilage degradation. The cartilage is in charge of protecting the joint, making it move freely but smoothly. It also helps absorb a blow or some kind of pressure, for example, when we walk. If we did not have enough of cartilage, bone friction will cause pain, swelling and stiffness.

Where do joint inflammation?

  • In an autoimmune disease
  • A fracture
  • By wear
  • By infection.

Generally, the joint inflammation disappears shortly after its cause is removed or receives any treatment prescribed by your doctor. Sometimes, it happens. When not removed, the arthritis becomes chronic. The arthritis can occur in both women and men. The osteoarthritis is the most appears and is directly caused by aging.

It is also caused by wear and tear of a joint.

  1. The cartilage is firm and elastic tissue that protects the bones in the joints and allow these bones to glide over each other.
  2. Form bone spurs or additional bone in the joint and around this. The ligaments and muscles become weak and rigid.

Treatments to prevent arthritis
There is nothing that can be done that the arthritis does not appear but if we can calm the pains that come with this disease and improve function and prevent joint damage more.

It is very important that you take the medications as prescribed as the doctor. If you begin to feel that you are having difficulties to do so because it suffers many secondary symptoms you should tell your doctor immediately.

Change your lifestyle:
When we suffer some type of arthritis have to make changes in our lives to joint the swelling does not continue to grow. Exercise can help relieve stiffness, reduce pain and fatigue and improve muscle and bone strength. Consult your doctor about your arthritis so that make you a plan of activities that can help you in this case.


  • Contrasts of heat and cold, massage and hydrotherapy, are perfect in these cases.
  • Other recommendations that are useful
  • Avoid being immobile in a position for long periods of time
  • Yoga or meditation to reduce stress
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables as foods rich in Omega 3
  • If you are overweight, you should lose weight as much as you can, because if not, weight can cause pain in your legs.

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