Care for your teeth

Oral health is an important aspect because it has influence on the overall health of our body, which is why the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits.

teeth care

If you want to show off a healthy smile should consider the following:

  • Check if your teeth are clean and has no food waste.
  • The gums should be pink and should not bleed or hurt while you brush.
  • Bad breath should not be a constant problem.

It is important to see your doctor immediately if you notice any symptoms of decay, bad breath or bleeding gums when you brush your teeth.

Maintaining good oral health helps not only to show a good look, but it also to have a strong and healthy diet. The dental health contributes to general welfare, but it is important to put into practice the lessons learned.

Good oral hygiene habits:

  • Brush your teeth after eating some food, it is important to floss and mouthwash at least twice a day.
  • Respect your diet and avoid snacks between meals.
  • The toothpaste is essential in oral hygiene.
  • You can use fluoride mouthwash recommended by the dentist.

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