Vision problems in older

Although we can all have vision loss at some point, the elderly and children are the people most often suffer.

vision problem

Children can detect easily the loss of vision, and its notes will begin to get worse or perhaps always poor grades were due to a poor vision. It is advisable that you check the view children often, they complain of this or not. Frequent headaches, may also cause of poor vision.

The largest yet not complain about their vision problems and most of the times even hide it, but all they end up having a problem. As children, it is also advisable that accompanies the revised view, since in most cases the difficulty seeing, and causes it to fall at home or lack the confidence to perform well on the street, which can make suddenly have a different behavior with others.

This post will focus on major vision problems experienced by adults.

Presbyopia: This is the loss of lens accommodation, which are often present when it becomes very hard, this usually happens over the years, especially as they approach age 45, and is maximized at 65. The crystalline is a lens that is located inside the eye, and is responsible for focusing. So presbyopia, which is also known as “eye strain”, we can detect when we have focusing difficulty, changing the view from far to near. It is a universal change and corrected with glasses that enhance the focus of near objects.

Cataracts: The Cataracts are much more common than we imagine. We can detect that we are suffering from Cataracts because the lens becomes progressively opaque and vision is wasting. The Cataracts appear in both eyes, but worse at the same pace. It is known that women suffer much as men, but the cause is unknown. Diabetics, smokers and drinkers are also likely to suffer. Symptoms of autism may be, blurred vision, distorted, yellow or double vision.

To treat Cataracts, the only solution is surgery. It’s a very simple intervention is done in outpatient and has a great success.

Macular degeneration: In the center of the retina that is responsible for making images that we see through nerve impulses, is a thing called taint. That place is where you focus the images we see. When this area is damaged, we began to suffer from macular degeneration.

At first you start seeing crooked lines, until he suddenly lost his sight in the middle. Still has not yet created a treatment that is effective and many are still under experimentation.

Glaucoma: The glaucoma occurs when this fluid pressure within the eye increases. If the pressure rises very high, can damage the nerve of the eye, so that we can not recover it again, this will make peripheral vision decrease. Some acute glaucoma, feels intense pain. This can be treated in most cases with eye drops and the type that is suffering, is diagnosed surgery.

The bad thing about glaucoma is that no symptoms early so we can prevent and when we realize it’s too late.

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