How to get vitamin B at breakfast

Getting a rich, varied and balanced breakfast that provides us with the necessary nutrients is often not easy because of the pace of life we ​​have, so in many cases, it is important to have quality nutritional supplements that help us get necessary vitamin B at breakfast. Here we give you the keys to get it.

vitamin B at breakfast

The importance of vitamin B in breakfast

Our body needs daily minerals, vitamins and nutrients to be shaped from early in the day, and it is at that moment when we should take them to be in top form: at breakfast. Something we often overlook, the rush, the frenetic pace of life and the lack of knowledge of what products to consume, makes mistakes when it comes to ingest the necessary vitamins.

Experts warn of the importance of a good contribution of vitamin B in breakfast, as our body prepares for the day and needs these contributions. It is usual to think that at breakfast you should always consume dairy, fruit and cereals. But the truth is that if we only focus on these three food groups we are leaving aside many others. It is important to eat at least three pieces of fruit a day, but it does not have to be at breakfast, our body is going to absorb the nutrients that the fruit brings us at any time of the day, so do dairy and cereals. Let’s see then how to get a healthier and more varied breakfast.

Breakfast rich in vitamin B

Our busy lives often make it difficult to eat the portions of fruits and vegetables recommended by the WHO: from 5 to 9 servings, depending of course on the person and the calories that we will need. Vary a lot if you work with the computer or if you work on something more physical. But what we can do is establish a variety of breakfasts all rich in vitamin B.

Quinoa and vegetable juice. We started the day with a good bowl of quinoa or oatmeal if we like more, both foods provide us with many nutrients and minerals, we can dissolve them in milk for an extra calcium. For vegetable juice, you have many options to choose from, the best are green leaf, endives, chard or cucumber, seasoned with chopped fresh parsley.

You can mix it with an Apple for a sweet touch.

Salmon toast and fruit juice. Another great option is to prepare a marinated salmon toast with some fresh cheese and avocado. The fruit juice can also be made to your liking, varying the pieces from time to time to cover all the nutritional needs. Beet, banana and orange, for example, or cherries, mango and pomegranate. The choices are almost endless.

Salmon toast and cereal bowl. For greater calorie intake take a marinated salmon toast, omega 3 is vital, and a bowl of cereal. Here you also have a choice and you can even add natural yoghurt or milk.