Exercise in your office!

Many of us do exercise. Someone every day, someone not so followed. But we move and we consider ourselves active. The problem is that in most cases we move less than we think…

exercise in office

We arrived at our workplaces; we turn on the computer and go. To spend so many hours sitting down, we acquired bad back positions, relax abdominal muscles too, crossed legs for hours, and ready.

If you want to make your body look slimmer and working hours are used also to your health, for your health advantage of working hours, follow these techniques so that you should exercise even in the work.

  • If you have a long lunch break, do not eat and sit at the computer immediately. Stand up and gives a quick walk around. While your colleagues are taking post-lunch coffee, you can keep moving.
  • If your break is for those eternal two hours, investigates whether there is a gym nearby and register. Do not waste time.
  • If there are stairs nearby, upload and download it at least four times. Do not use the elevator to go up to your Office or to get out of it.
  • Park the car as far as you can from your workplace. So you will start the day and end up walking a bit.
  • If you are using public transportation, get off before the stop and start walking.
  • Try stretching to mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This will be very beneficial for your back.

Include these tricks into your daily routine. To be in the form focus on your body. And remember … You’re worth it!

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