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endometriosis treatment

Homeopathic products to relieve endometriosis

Endometriosis affects about 10% of women worldwide. Despite being a common problem detection and diagnosis is often difficult. In many cases fertility problems can...

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bronchiolitis in children

Treatment of bronchiolitis in children

The treatment consists of bronchiolitis flushing the airways via the high suction on demand. Then ordinary food, fractionated, ensuring adequate hydration (if not...

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fungal skin

Fungi on the skin: clinical and therapeutic approach

Fungal diseases of the skin are called “cutaneous mycoses”. These infections in the surface layer of the skins (stratum corneum) that normally do not...

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Anxiety: Concept, types and how to treat

Anxiety and fear are two related but not equivalent concepts. Fear is a normal body reaction to situations involving an external threat, since an increase in heart...

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5 week pregnancy

Week 5 of pregnancy

This stage of your little one is especially exciting must follow the pregnancy week by week, because his heart has independently developed and may soon begin to...

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prevent childhood obesity

How to prevent childhood obesity

Recent studies show that following a few simple habits, parents can prevent childhood obesity. Some of the simplest and most important are: Teach by example One...

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Reasons why you should eat watermelon

The warm weather arrives and with it come back on the market fruits and vegetables that are healthy and not to be missed in the daily diet. One is the watermelon....

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prevent prostate cancer

Diet against prostate cancer

Let’s see how we can protect the prostate and prevent serious diseases with a proper diet. A wide variety of foods that help a maintenance of this important...

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asthma attack

Asthma: causes, symptoms and consequences

The asthma is a very serious problem because it causes the airways to swell becoming narrower. This leads to symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or chest...

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What are styes and how to deal

The Styes are caused by an inflammation of glands located in the bottom of the tabs. When these glands are blocked, fluid builds up and the area becomes inflamed....

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