Asthma: causes, symptoms and consequences

asthma attack

The asthma is a very serious problem because it causes the airways to swell becoming narrower. This leads to symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or chest tightness, among others. When someone is presented with an asthma attack what is happening is that the muscles surrounding the airways, are in tension so that the coating of these, you end up inflaming.

asthma attack

In people who are very sensitive, these asthma attacks may be caused by allergens. Among those not so, the asthma can be triggered by:

  • Animals (pet dander or fur)
  • Dust
  • Changes in weather (most often cold weather)
  • Chemicals in the air or in food
  • Exercise
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Respiratory infections like the common cold
  • Strong emotions (stress)
  • Snuff smoke
  • Aspirin

The majority of people, who suffer from asthma, do not have attacks every day or known when he will. Some are even long periods without suffering them.

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