Treatment of bronchiolitis in children

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The treatment consists of bronchiolitis flushing the airways via the high suction on demand. Then ordinary food, fractionated, ensuring adequate hydration (if not possible, parenteral hydration). Oxygen is the only essential drug in the treatment of bronchiolitis requiring hospitalization. It can be administered by nasal cannula (appropriate to the age of the patient) or mask, does not require humidification.

bronchiolitis in children

If after being inhaled properly, hydrated and oxygenated the child shows no signs of improvement, you will have therapeutic test with bronchodilators beta 2 agonists by inhalation.

This test can be repeated after 20 minutes if no response. If after 2 doses there is no improvement in respiratory rate of circulation or oxygenation is not continued with this medication.

Long-acting bronchodilators have proved to be not effective in that patient. If there is improvement in these parameters, it is considered effective and continued treatment with beta 2 every 4 to 6 hours.

Corticosteroids by any route of administration are contraindicated since they have not demonstrated efficacy in this pathology. Antibiotics are also useful in the treatment of viral infection.

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