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Less kilos with acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient oriental method which is based on the energy points that connect the body to achieve harmony through its stimulation with small needles. There...

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moringa tree

Benefits of the Moringa tree!

The Moringa tree, also known by the popular name of “ghost tree” because of its appearance somewhat gloomy, is a largely unknown in many cultures of...

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myths about carbohydrates

Myths about carbohydrates

We listened to all of them and for some women are like the bad guys when it comes to eating. See if all that is said is true or false. medianet_width='300'; medianet_height=...

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importance of sodium

The importance of sodium in your body

Salt is essential for the body to function properly. Although it is advisable to take it in moderation, especially in cases of high blood pressure or fluid retention,...

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menstrual cramps

Relieve menstrual cramps

Many women suffer with the arrival of our period, generating us a real problem, because literally incapacitated. The main complaint is pain or menstrual cramps,...

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Food for fever

Fever can occur at any time due to illness or a lowering of defenses. This disorder is annoying, but you can avoid its effects with adequate nutrition. Although...

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relieve menopause

The allies to relieve menopause

It is one of the most dreaded stages by women, but its annoying symptoms can be controlled if we are convinced eat well and with intelligence. While it is important...

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Acidity: Enemy of our stomach!

Burning sensation in the esophagus accompanied by ardor, discomfort and reflux are the classic symptoms of heartburn, and the key to avoiding it is in our hands. The...

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red tea diet

Red tea diet

Red tea is one of the perfect complements to add to a diet. If you try to incorporate it into your diet you will notice its draining and slimming effects in very...

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breast in form

Exercise: breast in form!

The breasts like any other muscle in the body require work and attention to stay firm and toned. Here we give you some simple exercises to achieve this. The rise...

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