Look after your health: respiratory fitness against asthma

The asthma attacks produce a collapse of the airways that make difficult the flow of fluid and regulate the air. The bronchodilators products favor the correct circulation through the canals of the respiratory system.

asthma attack

But what else can we do to address the crisis? What is the best way to deal with an asthma attack?

Medicine and medical treatments are essential in most acute cases. But sometimes knowing simple rules of relaxation will help to mitigate and overcome the crisis. Relaxation is an effective method to control the emotions that can lead to a crisis and, above all, rely on it to restore the correct breathing pattern. The basis of relaxation therapy is to maintain control over the mind. This prevents anxiety and overexcitation.

In addition, some simple breathing exercises of respiratory fitness will help you to confront with greater tranquility the possible attacks.

  • Start the exercise with an inspirational nature.
  • Start collecting breathing air through the nose.
  • Expiration, however, you do it gently expelling air through the mouth.
  • Do it slowly and leisurely, extending as much as possible the expiration.
  • To expel the air should cause a slight whistling sound. It is a way to verify that you have made the exercise correctly. In theory the expulsion of air should be three times slower than the collection.
  • Breathe thoughtfully for fifteen minutes. To improve asthma treatment and to delay any attack must practice this workout twice a day: morning and evening. In addition, you can also use these exercises whenever intuit that is about an outbreak of asthma.
  • It is recommendable that perform the standing exercises. This position is one that keeps clearer the airways and, the more favorable to deal with the respiratory crisis. However, you can also do lying gymnastics.

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