Sports massage

Every day, more people are addicted to the sport, discovering its benefits both physical and psychological and social. It is for this reason that sports massage is becoming increasingly important in society.

Sports massage

This massage is used both as advance preparation for athletes who will perform a physical activity to stretch and relax the muscles after performing a full year. This does not include cases where the injuries from the sport make it indispensable.

The sports massage differs from other types of massage because it is addressed directly to benefit the specific muscles and helping those who have been subjected to (or are going to be) a training effort. Is sport massage good for health? Check this out >

Benefits of sports massage
For athletes, massage is beneficial both physically and psychological level, as it not only relaxes the muscles and condition but also restores the harmony of a troubled mind and tense body, avoiding stress.

In sports massage, performed on a regular basis, we find the following benefits:

  • Stretch and relax muscles
  • Restores the length and elasticity of muscles
  • Assist in injury prevention
  • Relieve pain and muscle spasms
  • Improve injury
  • Improving the energy level
  • Stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic
  • Increase understanding of the body that has the athlete
  • Relax mind and body, improving sleep quality and performance.

Effects of sports massage
Sports massage produces basically two types of effects on the organism of sportsman:

The mechanical effect is the produced directly by the contact of the hand of the massage on the body of the athlete, at the point where the massage is appropriate.

The reflection effect is one that occurs to the point where distance is doing the massage itself, and is the result of a mechanical effect at a given point.

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