Viral warts

The wart is a small bump in the hard and often rough skin. Appear most frequently on the hands and face. Its occurrence is more frequent in childhood and adolescence.

viral warts

Often spontaneous disappearance of warts but can sometimes takes several years. In adult patients tend to be more persistent.

Viral warts are caused by a local viral infection of cells residing in the outermost layer of the skin. It is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

The shape and color of the warts are very variable, in terms of color can be from the color of the skin until almost black in rough or smooth texture, more or less flattened.

Since making contact with the virus until the visible appearance of wart should take several months.

The virus that can cause warts can spread from one person to another by contact or inoculation. Although this infection is rare.

The majority of warts does not represent a medical problem, are not cause of any disease, may not affect an internal organ or can cause skin cancer. But sometimes it can be painful, irritated or acquire a size that make it cosmetically and functionally unacceptable.

It is rarely necessary, only if it represents a functional or cosmetic problem comes to the disappearance or reduction of warts.

Chemicals with salicylic acid topically positions soften and allow layers to remove the wart, using this treatment can reach systematically reduced or eliminated completely. The application of cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is also useful in the removal of warts.

You can also use the electro surgery, with the application of local anesthesia, whereby after removal of the wart is an electro coagulation of the base of the wart.

The wart surgical removal is not recommended since it is common to leave a permanent scar. Sometimes the wart reappears after having been removed. After remove wart the skin should be dark circles.

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