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Identifies foods that dirty your teeth

No matter how much you brush, when you go to the dentist or how much effort do to maintain your white teeth. The time step has been commissioned to spot them, but the fault may lie in your feeding.

maintain white teeth

It is clear that dental hygiene is the basic step to maintain our healthy and beautiful smile, but is not the only thing we can do. And it is that the key may be also in what we eat, because certain foods are partly responsible for that with the passage of time the dental enamel will take a yellow color, nothing similar to the teeth with which we dream.

Coffee is one of the largest makers of stain teeth, but not so you should remove it completely from your diet. Just remember to mix it with milk and wash your teeth once you finish taking it. This detail will make the difference to protect the enamel. The same goes for tea, so take your forecasts.

The wine, especially red wine, one of the greatest enemies of dental whitening, its color and its acid composition don’t help your teeth. So, it is best to consume it in moderation. The same applies to the soft drinks, which also offer no nutritional value and can cause tooth decay. Thus, it is best that avoid it completely.

The soy sauce is probably not something that you consume daily. However, it is worth clarifying that, despite its great taste, has its effect on the teeth. So if you’re a fan of Asian food, surrender to pleasure but without exaggeration.

These simple recommendations will help you maintain white teeth and a beautiful smile that will catch eyes everywhere you go.

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