Social Jet Lag: The reason for your fatigue

Experts from around the world in the field of sleep disorders and social ways of life have been studied for years some of these sleep disorders, such as social jet lag calling one of the most common sleep disorders.

social jetlag

When we speak of social jetlag, although it may seem an unknown name, we do it to mean a deviation syndrome or sleep we all suffer or have ever suffered. The social jet lag is the imbalance between our body time and real time. That is, the common, social jet lag occurs when we sleep at odd times.

This pathology can be given simply by the decompensation which involves taking a routine during the weekdays and other different weekends. As we all know and do, on the weekends we usually forget the alarm clock and wake up hours later than what our body accustoms the other days. This lag is the fact that weekends tend to stay up late with greater frequency during the week, something which merely worsen the disorder.

The consequences of this disorder are very common and well known by most of us as to alter our sleep schedule, the disrupts the time zone makes live tired throughout the day and in some cases need stimulants such as coffee and nicotine to activate our usual rhythm of life. And although this may seem like a feasible solution, these stimulants elements mean upsetting us even more.

Another consequence is the increase of our body weight and in some cases this social jet lag can cause even obesity. This is because due to the alteration of sleep our body does not know when to burn calories. So we must try to establish more or less fixed schedules to avoid greater evils.

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