Tips to prevent influenza

With the end of summer and the start of the new fall season is ended the high temperatures and the summer sun giving way to cooler temperatures, climate change every day and climatic instability widespread, resulting in changes in our body and which reflects the body and feel each change in temperature or climate temperature.

prevent influenza

One of the major consequences of the arrival of autumn is the increase of substantial and radical way of colds that we suffer since this time is the worst of the year for colds because it is when more colds occur.

The changes in constant temperature at this time of year are a major cause of increased incidence of colds during the fall months. In addition, symptoms may be worsened in big cities due to the pollution and the frenetic pace of life, something that makes grow infections and viruses.

To prevent the occurrence of colds it is vital that we continue a series of basic tips that will help us to maintain good health during this time of year. Among these tips main thing to keep in mind is that we must not neglect our hydration.

We should drink lots of water and vitamin C-rich foods like oranges to help the daily work of our immune system. If it is cold we caught nothing better as herbal tea and hot meals to enhance and restore our natural body temperature.

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