Osteoporosis, benefits of exercise

Our body is a perfect natural structure formed by a skeleton which has large number of bones which fulfill different functions, including support, calcium deposition and protector of the viscera.


Bone is a dynamic tissue types varies according to the forces that must withstand, besides being one of the heavy elements from the body.

The osteoporosis is a disease that affects the whole skeleton bone mass decreased with a progressive deterioration of bone tissue resulting in a weakening of bones often cause fractures.

When you have osteoporosis evidenced a decrease in bone mass and alteration of some body structures.

The so-called osteopenia appears before the outbreak of osteoporosis is reduced bone mass do not always have symptoms, a situation that has led to define it as the “silent epidemic”. It may not be perceived until a fracture or a vertebra is badly damaged.

As this loss of bone tissue has no symptoms, when it detected already has lost 25% of bone mass, therefore emphasizes the desirability of a prior diagnosis that would avoid a loss so high.

Thus, women of 30 years suffer a loss of 10% of their bone mass every ten years and men 50 years reduced by a much smaller percentage of just 4.4% in the same period.

Experts recommend in the case of women who are between 55 to 60 years or postmenopausal densitometry was performed indicating their bone mineral density to begin treatment if necessary.

Moreover, the onset of osteoporosis is often caused by decreased estrogen, an unbalanced diet lacking in essential nutrients and physical inactivity.

Physical activity is a great way to prevent this disease and in some cases it is a wonderful treatment.

This is true both for muscle contraction and the effect of gravity to produce forces that enhance the vascularization in the area.

In addition, support the weight of the body and the impact that occurs in skeletal structures that promotes bone density increase.

Practiced physical activity is recommended that the volume of the load is important, with low force movements and fast, making constant changes of direction.

When starting an exercise program the results can be seen after just eight months, bearing in mind that moderate activity is performed infrequently and does not generate the stimulus for bone remodeling occurs.

You must know the skeletal status before beginning an exercise program when disease is already installed.

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