Myths about carbohydrates

We listened to all of them and for some women are like the bad guys when it comes to eating. See if all that is said is true or false.

myths about carbohydrates

If you are one of those that think that carbohydrates are only a source of calories and misfortunes for your body, you’re wrong. It is also necessary for proper nutrition, but to understand it may be necessary to unveil some myths that revolve around it.

1. Only pasta, bread and cereal are carbohydrates, and then no, the reality is many of the things you eat contain carbohydrates, such as fruits or grains. The difference is that these foods are processed carbohydrates which provide a greater amount of calories to your body. You should not remove it from your diet, just eat it intelligently.

2. If you do not eat grains your body will not get the fiber you need, it’s true that grains, a type of carbohydrate, are a good source of fiber, but not the only one to be found and much less our health depends solely on it. Cereals like oatmeal and fruits such as apples or papaya are an important source of fiber too, so expand your options and do not limit yourself.

3. All cereals are healthy; this is one of the biggest myths about carbohydrates that may exist. There are cereals loaded with sugar and fat, such as granola or the many brands that abound in the market. Certainly oatmeal is one of the healthier cereals that may exist, but even in this case you must consume it with intelligence so that it favors your body.

Now you know, maintaining a healthy weight is, largely in how and what to eat so do not be afraid of carbohydrates.

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