Benefits of the Moringa tree!

The Moringa tree, also known by the popular name of “ghost tree” because of its appearance somewhat gloomy, is a largely unknown in many cultures of the so-called first world countries.

moringa tree

An analysis of the moringa tree, reaching a maximum height of 10 meters but usually arriving about 4 or 5 months, high in protein, minerals and vitamins. In fact, the dust of this plant is capable of providing a large number of pharmaceutical and medical properties.

The moringa, whose scientific name is Moringa oleifera, is a small tree whose presence is palpable in the Himalayan region but also in parts of Africa, Asia and Central America and the South and in the islands of Hawaii. Its leaves and stems concentrate a high protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C (up to 17g in every 100g of powdered of moringa), calcium and potassium.

As if this were not enough, moringa has little cardiovascular, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic, being able to control blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and blood sugar level.

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