Mediterranean diet: All its benefits!

Much has been made of how good is the Mediterranean diet for our health, but do you really know its exact benefits? Discover it with us!

mediterranean diet

There is no doubt that the country or region we live largely determines our eating habits and therefore our health. This is the case of the Mediterranean countries. And according to researchers, we have certain foods that we eat often and that are great for our body, but what are and what it do for us?

Ingredients like olive oil, fresh fish (salmon, sardines and white fish), fruits and vegetables of the season, nuts, dairy products (cheese and yogurt of all kinds), cereals and legumes are consumed in a abundant in the Mediterranean Diet, while the meat, but it is present in many regions, not necessarily the protagonist, so the intake of saturated fat is much lower.

The result is very favorable and that various research has shown that people who follow a Mediterranean diet are more live longer, have a lower propensity to suffer from heart disease and cancers, and have lower rates of allergies, rhinitis and diabetes. This is due to the large amount of antioxidants, omega 3, vitamins and nutrients in the foods that we eat every day.

You know, take advantage of the benefits of our territory and make the most of the Mediterranean Diet. Watch your food and your health!


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