How to relax your mind before going to sleep

We will see a simple routine for good relaxation before going to sleep or meditate to clear mind of worries and stressful experiences.

relaxation exercise

Ideas to go to sleep with relaxed mind

When we finished the day and get ready for bed, bad thoughts and concerns make their entrance to prevent a restful sleep. It is therefore a good idea to learn to relax the mind with a simple exercise that will leave us free from obstructions and ready to fall asleep, or to start a routine of meditation or relaxation.

Mind relaxation exercise

  • As with any relaxation exercise, you get away from the telephone, doorbell and chores, and imprison in a quiet, calm and cozy space, without interruptions. You can light a candle to create a soft lighting, although it is not essential.
  • Now, to start this routine, you should take a relaxed, comfortable and convenient. You can be lie down on a bed, well right and comfortable with the hands to the sides of the body and the palms down, or sitting. If you’re sitting, do it with the body relaxed but upright, hands on your lap and your feet resting on the floor, not hanging, either open or crossed, as you will be more comfortable.
  • Now, you begin to relax the mind through breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply, regularly and placid, for air renews your body and help you relax. You’ll be ready to give way to a routine of imagination.
  • Unlike other exercises, it has recommended designs. The most widely used is to imagine in a movie theater, spacious and comfortable, or in an outdoor cinema, either sitting on the lawn, in a chair or on a drive. At this time, you must specify either the details: what color and format is the chair or armchair, in which car you are, and all the details you want to make vivid the image, while continuing with deep, regular breathing.
  • At this time, a clean and pure air reaches you. While you breathe, see cleaning your mind and your body, relaxing and revitalizing you. Notice the big screen and you’ll see there begins to appear all the bad that is happening. If you’ve had an argument, then you’ll like a film. If you have a fear, its will also be represented there. See everything in this movie screen.
  • Slowly, you will see that fade away. The images begin to blur, out of focus, and dwindle and disappear, leaving the screen clean and free of images. You’re a spectator in this film which has just ended. It was just a movie, and watch is over, leaving you ready for the next movie that offers life.