How to brush children’s teeth

Proper brushing, from an early age, encourages the development of healthy and strong teeth.

brush children teeth

Before the birth of the first tooth, cleaning should start from the gums, and varying the method as the first teeth are appearing. Initially, to clean baby’s teeth once a day is enough is the ideal time for the night, before bed and after the last bottle.

The milk teeth are as important as the definitive ones. This is, because if the milk teeth possess caries, the bacteria that produce it go on to the definitive tooth affecting it.

Ideas to brush children’s teeth
When the child already has two years and most of his teeth have come out, we clean them at least twice a day. At this age you can start to use a small amount of toothpaste. You should always brush his teeth at night before sleep, and another cleaning can do in the morning or after the lunch.

In some cases the child will want to start brushing teeth alone, in this case you can choose because he does during the day and parents during the night, since this brushing is the most important. The best thing to teach them is to try to guide the movements of the child’s hand so that he learns the correct technique.

If he do not want to perform this routine, must find some strategy, done in conjunction with parents (children learn by imitation), explain why brushing (that there are bugs in the mouth that we can hurt the teeth and cause pain), show pictures or stories related to dental caries, etc…

The child should never think of brushing as a punishment. While brushing time can be tricky for parents, must do so with patience and love, because the worse the consequences of a mouth full of cavities and diseased teeth.