How to prevent osteoporosis?

The human body can endure hundred of illnesses at many levels. For example, in this case Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is making substantially reduce the amount of minerals from the bones of our body, so we do not absorb all the calcium we need and our bones will weaken more and more.

prevent osteoporosis

One of the major reasons for suffering from osteoporosis is the poor quality of life that culminates with a sedentary lifestyle since our body needs a great activity for our bones not suffer some types of diseases like this. According to advanced scientific studies this disease occurs when the inner part of our body’s bone becomes porous because as we have already said the lack of Calciums and minerals.

Through these advanced scientific and clinical studies carried out during decades for hundreds of experts have determined that women are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis than men because they have lower bone mass.

In addition, another cause of this greater numbers of women who suffer from the disease is that women have a life expectancy of more than the men. With the hormonal changes produced to an advanced age in women such as occurs during menopause decrease estrogen levels in our body so our bones tend to fade more quickly.

For women who do not know if they suffer from this disease or not there is a series of symptoms that may indicate that we are suffering from either to initial level or so developed. These symptoms include fractures and breakage are constants in the bones of our body as well as suffer from low back pain in a manner more sustained and adopt a position of twisted and bent our backs.

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