Controlling high cholesterol

When you hear that you have high cholesterol, your world can change as this red number is highly linked to heart disease. Obviously, being a medical term, it is your doctor who must dictate the rule in your treatment and surely in the medicine that you must take. But your involvement should not end there. You can do much more to control those levels.

high cholesterol

There are many factors that influence high cholesterol. Perhaps it is the saturated fat and low intake of fruits and vegetables are the cause of your lack of control, or maybe you do not get enough exercise. And the truth is that both of these factors can be managed if you put a little on your part.

Here we leave the changes that you make to your lifestyle to help manage your cholesterol levels in the right way with the directions of your Doctor:

Make changes in your diet: Eat more fiber, fruits, vegetables and limit your intake of saturated fats. If you have high cholesterol you should eat a maximum of 200 milligrams of saturated fat per day. You should also lower your salt intake, not just the one you add to meals but have already pre-packaged products you buy. You should aim for a maximum of 2,400 mg of sodium per day.

Watch your stress: Having high blood pressure is another negative factor that influences heart disease. And next to high cholesterol, these two factors can make your heart a time bomb.

Be more active: Half an hour of daily physical activity is recommended for a healthy heart and will help you lower your cholesterol levels as you lose weight. If you’re new to exercise, remember to go about doing a little every day.

Control your weight: Losing weight will help keep your cholesterol more stable.

Stop smoking: If you have the cigarette is part of your life, is time to say goodbye once for all. You know well that has contraindications. You have to do for your health.

Lowering high cholesterol for the reduction of the risk of heart disease requires a complete change of life. It is not dieting; it’s changing the unhealthy habits towards a much longer and healthier life.

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