Tips for lifting weight

All we have to lift weights, that is a fact. The one who thinks that lifting weights is belongs to physical bodybuilder, it is losing his time in the gymnasium. Lifting weights or doing resistance exercise, is the method to follow to achieve a strong and fit body.

lift weights

Sure, the thing is that you can not do this exercise You have to have a minimum of care so that you extract really true benefit and above, you must prevent injuries.

To lift weights safely and effectively follow these simple steps:

  • Stand with your feet apart, which are in line with your shoulders.
  • Try to place the weight as close to your body when you start to lift.
  • knees slightly bent and use your leg muscles as stabilizers, not your back.
  • While you exercise, perform the movements slow and gently. Do not be fooled that it is not a competition of speed.
  • Stand always right, do not slouch.
  • If the weight is too heavy to complete the move, you must lose weight. Remember that the resistance is personal and that as another it seems light you think it a great deal of weight.

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