Protect yourself from asthma

When we speak of asthma we refer to a disease that is chronic in nature and affects our lungs to our respiratory tract in general. This disease acts when the airways become inflamed us and as consequences of this inflammation tend to constrict, causing us serious problems to breathe, needing help from inhalers to get breathing.

protect asthma

To treat a chronic illness can hardly be cure although it is true that there are periods in which we hardly realize that suffer from the disease but however there are other times in which we might even get to require hospitalization.

The symptoms that make us see that we suffer asthma is the presence of a kind of whistling in your chest when breathing accompanied by a pressure in our chest as well as abundant cough and shortness of breath, which is usually more abundant in the early hours of the morning or overnight.

This disease that affects millions of people around the world do not have a specific age of suffering if it is true that in most cases usually detected in childhood. Therefore keep in mind that prevention and rapid diagnosis play a role in this or any disease so it is very important to have regular reviews and be careful to avoid ignition of our respiratory system.

There are times when the symptoms of asthma can be mild and may improve or even disappear if we follow a treatment against asthma that our doctor prescribed us. But as we say this only happens sometimes because in many cases the disease and its symptoms may get worse instead of improving. If we follow the medical advice we can reduce the effects of asthma in our daily lives.

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