Beware of food addiction

Food brings pleasure. So be a little sweet or a plate of pasta. What we eat with appetite, it provokes a sense of well-being. The problem is that there are foods that are easier to eat in amounts up to harmful and that, to make matters worse, we can not stop eating. Just as people become addicted to alcohol, drugs or launch parachute, also you can get addicted to food.

food addiction

Experts say addiction to food is handled neurobiological level as addiction to drugs, gambling or alcohol. And this type of foods that we describe now, releases dopamine as any drug, on stimulating the pleasure center of your brain, so attentive:

Fast food: High in fat, with unpronounceable additives and where at most, a french fry is anything but a real pope.

Fatty foods like cheese and bacon: it’s not that they are bad in themselves, but are normally eaten with super refined carbohydrates and in quantities harmful to our body.

White things: white bread, pasta, rice, sugar. This type of carbohydrate produces the sensation of pleasure caused by the dopamine. And if it is mixed with fat, the feeling of pleasure/dopamine is greater and greater difficulty to leave it.

This does not mean that because you’re addicted, you can not fight this. Much like a person struggles with his addiction to alcohol and the first thing to do is get away from it, the same happens with an addict to the food.

If you know that you weaken for the fast food and do not control yourself with only one, not buy. Get out of all these things if they are in your home and avoid places like food fairs abound and smells are intoxicating. The toughest job with this is the will power, and If you know that you weaken for the fast food and do not control yourself with only one. It depends on you and you have the desire to change. Really, if you can.

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