Worried about Hair Loss

We wash our hair and create a scare: we see that in our hand or on the floor is an incalculable number of strands. The hair is falling and we don’t know what to do.

hair loss

Firstly there is no need to panic. We must remember that a person can lose about a hundred hairs from the head every day. This is completely normal and these hairs grow back.

Hair loss can also be related to aging, particularly male, although women can also suffer as a result. However, we must be careful, because this problem can be a symptom of certain diseases such as thyroid problems, diabetes or lupus.

In addition, certain situations of stress, due to work, family or other types, such as surgery or prolonged illness, can trigger this box, as well as problems related to poor nutrition.

People who have to undergo chemotherapy often have this loss. Pregnant women, hormonal changes, also have a significant risk of hair loss.

If hair loss becomes an alarming symptom, you need to consult a doctor, to tell us if there is a hormonal disorder or other that may be causing the symptom. If the cause is a medicine, it is possible to request a change of the prescription.

It is also important to know that subjecting the hair to a constant tension, by the pressure of braids or a hairstyle too tight, can also damage the hair. In those cases you have to avoid this type of hairstyles, to prevent scarring of the scalp.

Also there are certain chemical treatments for straightening or curling hair, misused, trigger the problem, so it is always advisable to go to well-trained stylists.

On the other hand, we can also help the health of our hair with a healthy diet that includes foods rich in minerals, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables in general. Do not forget to consume enough water.

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