Food: Fight the menstrual pain!

One of the symptoms suffered in the world of women is menstrual pain that haunts every month a large percentage of women worldwide. And the fact is that, although as well it is known by all, to have the menstruation is a sign of feminine health and symbol that everything is well in our reproductive system, the truth is that these days all women have suffered firsthand all the pain of each phase of the rule. Learn how to fight them from your diet.

fight menstrual pain

This pain is often so strong that sometimes causes disruption of our daily lives. It is so intense that some days it is inevitable to miss work or fail to make many other daily activities because of all the discomfort that is felt.

It is due to the presence of prostaglandins that are stored in our cell membranes, causing inflammation and pain that all we already know. For this reason it must consume products low in these toxins to reduce inflammation and pain. For example, birth control pills help reduces pain as it has a low content of prostaglandins.

In regard to food consumption are necessary for some commodities such as soybeans, fiber or diuretics elements that decrease inflammation. This is because these foods reduce typical fluid retention of those days. So opt for a healthy diet and with all possible vitamins for during that week of the month, your life is not out.

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