How to do a relaxation exercise in imagination

Imagination is a powerful weapon; in this case, we will help create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. To help relax your body and mind at the end of the day, especially after going through situations of stress (such as problems at work, discussions, exams and others) you must lend hand to how much home therapy seems useful and appropriate.

relaxation exercise

In this note we will have a very simple relaxation exercise, using only your imagination to achieve physical and mental relaxation.

Relaxation Exercise
To implement this exercise, you should remove jewelry, costume jewelry, makeup, hair bows and your work clothes. Wear something comfortable, move away to a dark room or illumined so dim, but first ask your family that you allow an hour without interruption. Perhaps less delay, but it is better to be forewarned.

Then, standing, do rotational movements with the feet, hands and head, to begin to relax, breathe deeply and slowly. When you feel ready for it, we will start home relaxation therapy.

Now, lay on your back with your eyes closed, in the dark or in dim light, avoiding foreign sounds. If you live in the city, maybe you can put soft music at low volume.

Then imagine a beautiful day in the field, lying on the grass. At first we see nothing, but began to imagine a clear sky that covers us. Slowly incorporate the scene a breeze, and imagine the smell of fresh air full of herbs and flowers. While we enjoy this breeze on our face, feel the sun bathing, whether that of a beautiful sunrise, that of a warm afternoon or at the time we become more pleasant. We enjoyed this sun for few moments.

Then begin to imagine the sound of the sea near us, or perhaps a river or stream that runs clean and delights us with fresh sounds, faint, that flood our senses. Staying there for a moment, enjoying the picnic, relaxed and delighting in the absence of problems and concerns in this almost magical place that we have created.

We will finish the exercise ‘shutting down’ one by one the elements of this landscape that we have created, minimizing them slowly. When we returned to a blank, remain in the dark for a moment before opening eyes and rise slowly.

Do this exercise for relaxation whenever you need it, it is helpful to return to reality or with quieter in high spirits.