How to increase height

Only a few people have the joy of being tall. Some are too, of course, but most dreams of having some centimeters in height. And although we have the body that we have designated at birth, we can do some simple exercises to stretch our back and improve our position, that we will ultimately win the sky a couple of inches.

increase height

Exercises to increase height
The activities that will explain not make you grow in them, but correct your posture and make you reach your maximum height.

As we grow we adopt something hunched posture, our spine bends slightly, and thus lose some inches. With simple stretches and exercises you can take off again those vertebrae and improve overall posture, which will help you look, feel, and “being” a little higher.

Stretching exercises to make you taller
You must follow a regular routine to achieve results in this undertaking. Here are some exercises that you should meet twice a week, sandwiching them together to be stretching the body in a comprehensive way.

Cobra: This exercise is often used to stretch abs, but also serve to our mission. Lie face down on the floor (a towel or mat will be useful). Place the palms next to your shoulders, outside, and then stretch your arms to your chest off the floor. The pelvis should rest on the ground at all times. Stretch your arms as much as you can and hold the position for a few seconds, without causing you any pain or discomfort. Then go back to the original pose.

Entire stretch: Lie on Stand with feet slightly apart from each other and back straight, yet comfortable. Raise your hands, with well stretched arms above the head, and pull them as much as possible. You can perform this exercise clasping hands, joining them and leaving them slightly apart, but always above the head. Hold the pose for 10 seconds, and then gently return to the original position.

Lock down: Position yourself standing with feet apart at shoulder height. Place your hands behind your buttocks, arms outstretched, fingers interlaced, and palms together. Keep your back straight, bend forward, bringing the chin slightly toward your chest. As low torso will raise hands on your back, arms still outstretched. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and then returns to the original pose.

Touch toes: Stand upright, with the arms stretched above the head. Leaving the buttocks firm and without moving, lean forward trying your hands (even with outstretched arms) to touch your toes. Do not worry if you do not arrive early days: with practice you will succeed.

Yawning back: Standing with your feet slightly apart, bring your arms behind your neck, bending your elbows until you can take your hands. Leaving the back straight, lean back (pelvis forward trying not to do) all you can, to stretch your back. Hold for a few seconds, and then returns to the original position.