Fight PMS

There are still a few days for your period yet and you start feeling unwell, tiredness and irritability. What you’re experiencing is premenstrual syndrome. Do not resign yourself to suffer it and fight it with the following tips.

premenstrual syndrome

Although there are few women who altered their daily lives by the discomfort prior to menstruation, the majority of us suffer from headaches and inconvenience the preceding days. To make these days more bearable, follow some recommendations to feel better and reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome. In this case the key is to take care of our food.

Start by improving your diet. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fish will help reduce the feeling of heaviness and exhaustion. Attempts to reduce the salt not to retain fluids and don’t skip meals.

We’ve talked several times about the importance of water, in this case, drinking the recommended amount will help you debug or organism. With eight glasses of water a day you will feel much better. These days, you should avoid exciting drinks such as tea and coffee, because it produces irritability. You can live a few days without caffeine.

If to all this adds a bit of moderate exercise, you will activate the flow and see how it reduces abdominal pain. Do not let these days is exceeded at your normal pace and take care to feel better.

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