Exercise: More flexibility every day!

With the passage of the years we are losing the ability to stretch us, so it is necessary to exercise to improve our flexibility and with it help our muscles and joints. Here we give you the keys to get it.

simple exercises

Exercise is not only a tool to look good physically but it also hides the key is the ability to keep our body in good condition despite the time, resulting in toned muscles and joints strong and flexible. This is why it is important to develop a plan of activities that allow you to work all these aspects in a balanced and healthy manner.

Which means that it is not simply a question of going to the gym to do 30 minutes of cardiovascular and go home, also you have to work your muscles with weights or repetitions and constantly do stretching exercises to increase your flexibility. You can begin with the classics, then your routine take at least 5 or 10 minutes to stretch all muscle groups with which you have been working, this in addition to avoid stiffness will help you to increase flexibility.

A great practice for this is the routine, specially designed to stretch the muscles in your body, relieve back pain and improve the condition of the joints. The same goes for yoga or pilates, which allow you to stretch your muscles especially the back and abdomen, strengthening and relaxing the area.

At home you can perform these three simple exercises to improve flexibility:

Arms: Bend your arm and take it to the rear part of the back, touching the shoulder blade, reaches as far back as you can and hold the position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat with the other arm. Stretch your arm with palm facing up, with the other hand take the Palm and take it down, feel like your arm is stretched completely, repeat with the other end.

Back: Straight sitting turns your torso and wraps your waist with your arms, the left goes through the right side and the right goes behind to the left. Hold and repeated to the other side.

Legs: A classic, sit down and open your legs well stretched while you sloped driveways your trunk and hands forward feeling like stretching your back and crotch. Bring your two hands trying to reach a foot or ankle tip, repeat with the other. Sit down and cross your legs beating the soles of the feet, move it gently as the flutter of a butterfly feeling as the abductors are stretched.

Simple exercises that will help you to increase your flexibility and feel much better.

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