Hydrate with intelligent power

Hydration is essential to keep us healthy, but not just about taking gallons of water, and is that the liquid also we can get nutritious and delicious.


During the summer when we usually feel more thirsty because of the high temperatures, but clearly not the only time of year in which we must be hydrated. Our body requires at least 2 liters of fluid a day that we get from water and food, but what are the best?

Fruits such as melon and watermelon, as well as being really refreshing become one of the best choices because it is made in about 90% water, hydrating us while we enjoy its sweet flavor.

A refreshing cucumber salad is a great choice to eat light, but other than that this plant contains 95% water, like celery, broccoli while around 90% along with the tomatoes.

The asparagus and spinach are also good companions when hydrate while we eat. These foods are low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals and flavor so you can not leave it out of your diet.

In addition to getting a good portion of liquid from it, these foods offer a unique and very precious advantage when it comes to caring figure is that help keep us satiated precisely because of its amount of water, so the benefits abound, only remains to add it to your daily meals and look healthier every day.

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