Yellow teeth? How to get rid…

yellow teeth
November 11, 2013

The smile is a valuable part of our face and personality. Weapon of seduction, demonstration of our happiness and our joy of life, we will like to show it in all its glory. There are, however, sometimes small problems: small yellow spots on teeth are obscure our smile. These spots cause slight discomfort which quickly disappear expression “toothy smile”. It is possible to hide those little imperfections. Yellow teeth: why?…


5 remedies for teeth whitening

teeth whitening remedies
October 15, 2013

Many products guarantee you more white and bright teeth, but with really high prices. Even you can also brush your teeth twice a day and use some of the economic and natural remedies that will help you get soft and shiny teeth. These are some of the most popular remedies to whiten teeth naturally. Celery Celery is a vegetable with a lot of health benefits, lower blood pressure, prevents cancer…


Bruxism reflects important anxiety

August 21, 2013

Bruxism is a condition that has spread among adults, youth and adolescents for reasons that have nothing to do with oral health manifesting itself through headaches upon awakening, damage to the jaw, ear pain, problems with alignment and poor dental status. The causes of bruxism are many, but increased by the way in which people assimilate and externalize stress; i.e. the stress of job loss, family problems, works on pressure…


How to clean your dentures

clean dentures
August 5, 2013

There are many tips to keep your mouth healthy, but little is said about dentures. Dentures require other care and hygiene methods. Surely you’ve seen in TV: older people with broad smiles, eating apples and candy without worrying about the adhesive or the hygiene of dentures. But we all know that is not so simple, and that haphazardly use these advanced products would secure more colorful mouth, but something skinny…


Treatment for halitosis

bad breath
May 2, 2013

Bad breath or halitosis is a problem that brings not only health issues, but also social difficulties. Here we know the treatment for halitosis and some homemade solutions. How to cure halitosis Bad breath or halitosis is a common evil to many people. Whether by disease or oral conditions, by poor digestion, even for not eating over a long period of time, or from sleeping without proper oral hygiene, this…


How to Clean the brackets

clean the brackets
April 2, 2013

The use of brackets makes it somewhat more complicated the task of brushing, and just happens to be more vital. Let’s see how to brush teeth with braces to keep them clean and healthy. The brackets are an invention that will give us a new set of teeth and will change our smile, greatly improving our image. But the success of this tool of orthodontics depends in good part of…


How to choose a specialist in dental implants?

dental implants
March 27, 2013

Certainly one of the most common problems for people in the world is the lack of self-esteem, the degree of uncertainty that often these have for some reasons that may sound and seem insignificant, but for others it may be too important. A recurring problem that occurs in people is dental problems. The mere fact that a person lacks any of your teeth may become a martyr when socializing with…


How to brush children’s teeth

brush children teeth
March 10, 2013

Proper brushing, from an early age, encourages the development of healthy and strong teeth. Before the birth of the first tooth, cleaning should start from the gums, and varying the method as the first teeth are appearing. Initially, to clean baby’s teeth once a day is enough is the ideal time for the night, before bed and after the last bottle. The milk teeth are as important as the definitive…


Home remedies to eliminate Gingivitis

eliminate gingivitis
March 6, 2013

Gingivitis is manifested by inflammation, swelling and bleeding of the gum tissue caused by plaque which is then converted into tartar. This plaque contains bacteria and toxins that irritate and destroy gum tissue. Causes that favor the occurrence of gingivitis Improper oral hygiene Emotional stress Hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy, menstruation, and hormonal changes of adolescence Nutritional deficiencies Diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis Medications such as antibiotics and anticoagulants.


6 common mistakes when brush our teeth

proper oral hygiene
February 16, 2013

Every day we brush our teeth, and still make some usual mistakes. You will know to achieve a proper oral hygiene. 6 common mistakes when brushing teeth Since childhood we know that we must brush our teeth after every meal, before going to sleep and to get up. We do this several times every day of our lives, almost automatically, yet we often make errors. Learn what they are and…