Bluefish and benefits of consuming

Oily fish and the benefits of consuming it have been revealed after investigations concerning nutritional issues where this food is recommended as part of the weekly menu.

Oily fish

All fish have varied nutritional properties and therefore should be part of within the considered balanced and healthy diet.

Furthermore, fish consumption, and kind of oily fish, significantly improves the symptoms of certain diseases contributing also to prevent the occurrence of others among the cardiovascular diseases, but always alternating fish consumption with other foods that provide animal and vegetable proteins.

With a relatively low caloric content in lean fish and fatty or blue in its intake is an excellent choice to be part of the diet of obese or overweight.

However, the calories provided also depend on how it is prepared, if performed as breaded and fried both fatty and calorie content increases considerably. Meanwhile, if the same fish is cooked in the oven or microwave with a small amount of oil just caloric intake increases.

Fatty or oily fish is advisable to cook them roasts because that as it has fat in their meat does not dry out, resulting in a tasty dish with few calories.

This type of fish is healthy and very tasty flesh, two qualities that have made more recommended daily consumption, since their fat is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

These fatty acids are polyunsaturated lipid lowering, including LDL or bad cholesterol and therefore reduce the risk to accumulate in the arteries leading to suffer for example atherosclerosis.

Omega 3 fatty acids also work by preventing the formation of plaque inside blood vessels, which is important as a protective against cardiovascular disease.

Acquiring healthy eating habits is the key to staying healthy and it is therefore important to include in the diet of fish in general and the blues in particular.

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