Hypertension myths and beliefs

Many people suffer from hypertension and in some cases care and specialist visits are neglected. This happens in most cases because there are myths about high blood pressure and beliefs that have no scientific basis and can lead to serious health problems if not properly clarified.

hypertension myths

One of the most common myths is to think that high blood pressure is due to a nervous state, ruling out the real reason is a disease of the arterial wall.

A person who holds a normal artery a situation of stress or nerves can make its pressure rise but to a minimum degree. Nevertheless, in a hypertensive person presents a totally exaggerated response to the same stimulus and it is thought that the origin of high pressure is nervous.

It has been scientifically proven that blood pressure is a variation of about one hundred and fourteen thousand times a day. Different stimuli can make this happen, physical exertion, violent emotions, both physical and intellectual fatigue and of course the evil of modern society that is stress.

Another belief on this is that if a person has high cholesterol automatically also becomes hypertensive. Nothing farther away from the reality that a disease is not related to the other.

However, it may adversely affect the poor living habits such as obesity, overweight and physical inactivity as well as to be the cause of the also high blood pressure can cause a high level of cholesterol.

There are people who say that taking medication to control blood pressure has brought sexual difficulties and in fact this only occurs when the ingested dose is not adequate, and there are now drugs that do not create problems in that regard.

Doctors advise a dose of between 75 to 100 mg daily aspirin for hypertensive patients who are being treated and controlled. However, there is the myth that this may not cause any benefit.

It has been proven correct dose aspirin used for these patients and does not bring undesirable side effects whenever you eat the recommended daily dose and that treatment is carried out continuously under medical supervision.

A belief that is popular is that which says that blood pressure control should only older people. This myth can bring serious risks to children and young people as both the former may suffer from hypertension.

Regarding this particular issue the American Academy of Pediatrics has long suggested that blood pressure measured routinely from three years old. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are two problems affecting many children and adolescents and as a result may suffer from hypertension.

Finally, there is the fantasy that hypertension is a problem that only affects males, although it is true that they are more prone to develop, is a condition that also affects women.

Among the most common causes females to be affected by this problem are obesity, pregnancy, oral contraceptive use and when a family history on this issue.

Moreover, in general affects a higher percentage of women after the menopause by estrogen deficiency during this stage of life.

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